I want to know the name that was given to the character Kes in Lord of the Changing Winds by Rachel Neumier. I can't seem to find it online anywhere and don't have access to the book right now. I recall it translating to "fire kitten" in the human tongue.

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This appears to be the relevant passage

Kereskiita—said the young brown griffin.
“My name is Kes!” Kes said, with unusual urgency, somehow doubting, in the back of her mind, that this was still true.
Yes, said Opailikiita. But that is too little to call you. You should have more to your name. Kairaithin called you kereskiita. Shall I?
“Well, but… kereskiita? What is that?”
It would be… “fire kitten,” perhaps, Opailikiita said after a moment. And, with unexpected delicacy, Do you mind?

Kes supposed she didn’t actually mind. She asked, “Opailikiita? That’s kiita, too.”
Glittering flashes of amusement flickered all around the borders of Kes’s mind. Yes. Opailikiita Sehanaka Kiistaike, said the young griffin. Opailikiita is my familiar name. It is… “little spark”? Something close to that. Kairaithin calls me by that name. I am his kiinukaile. It would be… “student,” I think. If you wish, you may call me Opailikiita. As you are also Kairaithin’s student.

Lord of the Changing Winds

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