At the end of Wonder Woman, Diana uses a thunderbolt to attack Ares at night time.

But shortly after his death the sun suddenly appears.

How did the sun appear so quickly?


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According to the official novelisation, it was the dawn.

Booooooosh! Ares’s final barrage of lightning hit them; they glowed blue and she grimaced against the searing pain. She held the pose, held it, and held it until, like the release of a coiled spring, the full force of the energy, more powerful than all the bombs ever made, shot back into Ares. His scream was like that of ten thousand men. Then he burst apart in a blaze of light that shook the world, and cratered the ground below.

The God of War was no more.


The rain washed the blackened smoke from the sky, and rosy colors of sunrise washed the world. Soldiers were rousing as if awakening from a nightmare—the better side of man was returning. They pulled off their gas masks like players in a Greek tragedy. Diana did not see Dr. Maru among them.

Charlie, Sammy, and the Chief stood together, still alive; the Germans were leaving them alone. Then they began shaking hands. Helping one another. Leaving the war behind.

A last flake of ash swirled around the Daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta. She lifted her head to the breaking sun. And in the surround of silence, she heard a greater silence.

Wonder Woman: The Official Movie Novelization

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