I vaguely remember details about the book. I remember that travel between dimensions was regulated by either a company or government entity, and they used a box shaped hallway, basically a tesseract that had stretched infinitely in many directions forming a type of hallway with windows that could peer into those dimensions. Using controls, they could then enter those dimensions. One part talked about a "vacation world" where one of the characters had set up a house with a bunch of primitive life forms that inhabited it. I don't remember too much more as I never finished the book due to its size and time constraints at the time, although I am wanting to find it and start reading it again.

I believe that the town where they housed the interdimensional gateway at was in a mountain region, but it's been quite some time since I read the book. I do remember them briefly mentioning that Sherlock Holmes was real in one of the realities when describing some of the aspects of the multiverse.


You know some of this reminds me of the G.O.D Inc series by Jack L. Chalker.

This is a 3 book series consisting of

The Labyrinth of Dreams
The Shadow Dancers
The Maze in the Mirror

It has been a long time since I read these (about 25 years), but the titular G.O.D Inc has access to multiple Earths which I seem to recall were accessed from a hallway.

G.O.D Inc was located in McInerney, Oregon USA - which could match your recollection of a mountain region.

The protagonists are a husband and wife PI duo so while I don't remember Sherlock Holmes being part of the plot, it is possible.

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