What are all the different terms used to describe the Stargate throughout the various shows? I know the Jaffa call it the "Chappa'ai". I've also heard "ancestral ring" and "Portal" (including the "Einstein-Rosen Portal"). Any other names?

I know this is a "list" question. But I know the list is small too.

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Wikipedia offers a range of alternate names used within the show

"Astria Porta" (The Ancients/Alterans)
"Chappa'ai" (The Goa'uld and a host of human slave cultures)
"Portals" (Various Pegasus cultures and the Wraith)
"Ring of the Gods" (Tagreans)
"Great Ring of Avidan" (Tegalusians)
"Circle of Standing Water" (Salish)
"Doorway" (The Nox)
"Stone Ring" (The Nox)
"Gateway" (The Nox)
"Annulus" (K'Tauans)
"Ring of the Ancestors" (Satedan / Athosian)
"Wraith Well" (M7G-677 inhabitants)
"Circle of Darkness"(Medieval planet inhabitants)
"The Old Orifice" (Jack O'Neill)
"The Ring" (Daniel Jackson)
"Ancestral Ring" (Olesian)
"The Gate" (Stargate Movie)
"gate/portal/door of stars" (Myers - Stargate Movie)
"Doorway to Heaven" (Myers - Stargate Movie)
The Great Circle” (Linea - Prisoners (S2,E3))

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  • I know I've heard the TV characters say things like "Get to the gate!" so it's not just the movie that has said it. Sep 8 '17 at 22:17
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Another name I have for the gate: The "Gate of Magh Mar" - (Revisions - s7e5)

The Ancient and Goa'uld words for the gate: "Astria Porta"  (in Ancient) "Chappa'ai" (in Goa'uld)

The original (true) name for the dialing device in Ancient is "Clavis".

But, I cannot find the Goa'uld word for the dialing device. (The "DHD" as those from SGC call it.)

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