Are the 2005 & newer episodes of Doctor Who fresh scripts, or were some of the scripts from older seasons rewritten for new viewer education since the Doctor Who series rebooted?

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    Its not an actual reboot, I just continued. Sort of.
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None of them are direct rewrites of older TV episodes, but some of them are rewrites of expanded universe material written by the same authors. For example:

  • The "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" two-parter from season 3 started as a tie-in novel also called Human Nature.
  • "A Christmas Carol", the season 5 Christmas episode, is a reworking of Steven Moffat's earlier short story "Continuity Errors."
  • "The Lodger," also from season 5, may or may not qualify -- it's a rewritten version of a comic strip, but the original comic strip was already post-reboot.

A couple of stories from the new TV series were rewritten from Big Finish audio stories as well:

  • "Dalek" was adapted from "Jubilee"
  • "The Age of Steel"/"Rise of the Cybermen" were inspired by "Spare Parts"

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