Throughout book 1-2 of the Stormlight Archives Kaladin talks about how he is going to confront Roshone back in his home of hearstone. Do we know how he ends up confronting him?

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    @Adamant - I wouldn't close for future works - technically it is released, and from an official source, but since this is just asking for a reading of the chapter and is pretty clearly aware of what's in there besides, definitely a downvote. – Radhil Sep 13 '17 at 10:45

In case anyone is unaware, while the actual release of Oathbringer is dated for Nov 17, Tor.com is releasing preview chapters (quite a lot of them actually) once a week leading up to the release.

Since our questioner clearly has no awareness of this, I will include a relevant early scene below.

...He reached over and held up the hair in front of Kaladin’s forehead. “Storms, boy. What did you do? Hit a lighteyes?”
“Yes,” Kaladin said. Then punched him.
Roshone dropped like a felled tree.
“That,” Kaladin said, “was for my friend Moash.”

It doesn't go much beyond that yet.

Wasn’t the whole point of what he had learned to keep him from doing things like this? He glanced at Syl, and she nodded to him.
Do better.

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