I read a chapter of this book years ago, and I really want to read it now but can't remember the name or author (Tom Clancy maybe?). It started like this:

Two men (at least one is really high up in the military), drive to a meeting separately. They meet in a park or somewhere like that to avoid microphones or cameras recording them. They talk about possible plots against the US (I think the White House specifically) and one of them talks about how he would do it if he were a terrorist. Based on the ripples in a nearby harbor/body of water, he realizes that there are boats under the water (he was a sailor or something), and they both realize that the plot he thought of was occurring right then. They leave quickly in the non-military guy's car because they think the military guy's car will be sabotaged.

I know that was hard to follow but if anyone knows what this book is, please help!

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