In Goblet of Fire, book & film, why did the pensieve show Harry the particular memory of Igor Karkaroff's trial?

Usually, to be observed, a particular memory has to be poured into the pensieve?

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Dumbledore was already viewing that particular memory and didn't put his thought away, thinking that he could simply return to it after his guests had left.

‘A connection I could have made without assistance,’ Dumbledore sighed, ‘but never mind.’ He peered over the top of his half-moon spectacles at Harry, who was gaping at Snape’s face, which was continuing to swirl around the bowl. ‘I was using the Pensieve when Mr Fudge arrived for our meeting, and put it away rather hastily. Undoubtedly I did not fasten the cabinet door properly. Naturally, it would have attracted your attention.’


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