In Fallout, much of the populace knows about the US before the nukes, but how is that possible when the destruction made the whole nation (and possibly the rest of the world) revert to the stone age?

Surely history and knowledge of the pre-war world shouldn't be known so widely.

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    I'm sure they took some books with them into the fallout shelters. – Steve-O Sep 17 '17 at 20:05
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    The destruction of the US by nukes is not an unexpected twist. The fallout shelters were logically built long before the nukes were launched. If you're already building fallout shelters just in case, why would you then not prepare books and tapes for the people who will use the fallout shelter? The existence of the shelters proves that the pre-nuke US was already preparing for the possibility of being nuked, and transferring knowledge of the old world is an obvious bullet point on that todolist. – Flater Sep 18 '17 at 13:26

There would be a few sources:

  • Vaults had schools: you can encounter one in Fallout 4 in Vault 81 and your character goes to one in Fallout 3 (vault 111). Since propaganda was important part of the Vault-Tec, you can expect kids to learn about the "glorious pre-war USA"
  • Books: surprisingly there are quite a few of them, as well as magazines. Fallout 2 and 3 (I believe...) even show functional library.
  • Ghouls/supermutants: many of them are over 200 years old and remember the world first-handed.
  • Organisations: New California Republic is actively trying to rebuild the world and they have people that are educating the population. To a lesser degree Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave would also sometimes had to "reach to the community".

In summary: world hasn't been destroyed as much that people would forget about the pre-war era.

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Within the game series you encounter a range of (fictional) pre-war non-fictional magazines. Taken together you'd probably get a pretty good impression of the pre-war world, albeit with a notably right-wing and libertarian bias.

Telsa Science Magazine
enter image description here

Guns & Bullets
enter image description here

Live & Love
enter image description here

plus "skill books" like The Big Book of Science

enter image description here

and Lying: Congressional Style
enter image description here

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