As the title says, which known Targaryens had personal coat of arms in addition to the three headed dragon of House Targaryen (a red three-headed dragon, breathing flame on black) and what were those customized arms?

The character must have a Targaryen father and legitimacy doesn't count.


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I'm focusing my answer on bastard sons; Aegon's answer has covered pretty much all the legitimate Targaryens, there is no point to duplicate information

The Great Bastards of Aegon IV

The most famous bastard sons of House Targaryen were the Great Bastards of Aegon IV; in his deathbed, the King legitimized them all, causing five major rebellions and more than sixty years of troubles; all the males had a personal Coat of Arms derived in part of the standard Targaryen three-headed dragon.

  • Daemon I Blackfyre

    He was the most important of the bastard sons of Aegon IV; his father also gave him Blackfyre, the sword of Aegon I, that was considered the real royal heirloom, a symbol of the royalty itself more than a crown.
    Because of this, he was a pretender to the throne, contesting the succession and legitimacy to rule of Daeron II. He founded House Blackfyre (named after the sword), and all of his successors bore his arms.
    In his personal arms, he reversed the colors of the Targaryen Coat of Arms: they depicted a black three-headed dragon on a red field.

    enter image description here

  • Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers

    He was the son of Aegon IV and his fifth mistress Barba Bracken.
    He was famous fer being the founder and first commander of the Golden Company, the mercenary company that supported many of the Blackfyre Rebellions. One of the mottos of the company was "Beneath the Gold, the Bitter Steel", referencing both the Nickname of Aegor Rivers and the fact that their emblem is a pike supporting the gilded skulls of the previous commanders.
    In his personal arms he combined the Coat of Arms of his parents' Houses; they depicted a fire-breathing red stallion with black wings on a golden field.

    enter image description here

  • Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers

    He was the son of Aegon IV and his sixth mistress Melissa Blackwood. Being a loyalist during the Blackfyre Rebellions, he served as the Hand for various Targaryen Kings; he was feared by both friends and enemies, he was the head of a vast network of spies and was even reputed a sorceror.
    He adopted a Coat of Arms inspired by his own appearance; he was an albino, and his arms depicted a red eyed White Dragon on a black field.

    enter image description here

Other bastards

  • Orys Baratheon

    Orys Baratheon was a friend, companion and supposed half-brother of Aegon the Conqueror, being rumored to be a bastard son of his father Aerion.
    He was a commander during the Wars of Conquest, and had a pivotal role in the conquest of the Stormlands; after the defeat of the last Storm King, Argilac Durrandon "the Arrogant", he married his daughter Argella and took the crowned stag of House Durrandon as his own arms.

    enter image description here

House Blackfyre

House Blackfyre was born when Daemon I rebelled against the rule of Daeron II (see above). It can be considered an illegitimate cadet branch of the Targaryens by all means.
Their members bore the reversed arms of Daemon I as their House arms.

  • Daemon II Blackfyre

    He was the son of Daemon I, and became the head of his House when his father and his senior twin sons, Aegon and Aemon, died on the battle known as the Redgrass Field.
    He was the pretender during the Second Blackfyre Rebellion. He usually bore the standard Blacfyre arms; during the preparation of the rebellion, he hid his real identity and disguised himself as a hedge knight named John the Fiddler.
    Likewise, he took different arms while under cover: they depicted an engrailed golden cross on a blue field, charged with a golden fiddle on the first and third quarters, and a golden sword on the second and fourth ones. It is not known why he chose these arms, but probably they were taken just because they were something completely unrelated to his House's.

    enter image description here

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The following Targaryens had customized Coats of Arms:

1. Rhaenyra Targaryen

Her coat of arms is described as "The Targaryen three-headed red dragon on black, quartered with the moon-and-falcon sigil of House Arryn and the silver seahorse on sea green of House Velaryon".

She has Falcon of Arryn for her mother, Queen Aemma Arryn and Velaryon Seahorse for her late husband, Ser Laenor Velaryon.

their neighbor had taken up Rhaenyra's red dragon quartered with the moon-and-falcon of her Arryn mother and the seahorse of her late husband.
TWOIAF: Targaryen Kings - Aegon II

enter image description here

2. Aegon II

His coat of arms is described as "A golden three-headed dragon on black". Reasoning unknown but probably for the King's Dragon, Sunfyre the Golden, the most beautiful dragon to ever take wing in Westeros and as Golden as the Sun.

Men raised the banner of the king, bearing the golden three-headed dragon that Aegon had taken for his sigil
TWOIAF: Targaryen Kings - Aegon II

enter image description here

3. Daemon Blackfyre

Born Daemon Waters, bastard of Aegon IV. Legitimized by his father and founded his own dynasty, House Blackfyre. His coat of arms is described as "a black three headed-dragon on red". He just inverted the colors of House Targaryen like many bastards did.

Red or black? was a dangerous question, even now. Since the days of Aegon the Conquerer, the arms of House Targaryen had borne a three-headed dragon, red on black. Daemon the Pretender had reversed those colors on his own banners, as many bastards did.
The Sworn Sword

enter image description here

4. Brynden "Bloodraven"

Born Brynden Rivers, a bastard of Aegon IV. Later legitimized by his father. His arms is described as "Singled headed Dragon white on black, breathing red flames". The White Dragon depicts him, an albino.

And above them all flew two regal dragons on night-black fields: the great three-headed beast of King Aerys I Targaryen, red as fire, and a white winged fury breathing scarlet flame. Not Maekar after all, Dunk knew, when he saw those banners. The banners of the Prince of Summerhall showed four three-headed dragons, two and two, the arms of the fourth-born son of the late King Daeron II Targaryen. A single white dragon announced the presence of the King's Hand, Lord Brynden Rivers.
The Mystery Knight

Also Quoting GRRM:

His colors are "scarlet and smoke," smoke being a sort of dark grey streaked and mottled with black. Because his skin is very senstive to the rays of the sun, he frequently goes about cloaked and hooded.

His sigil is a white dragon (one-headed) with red eyes.

enter image description here

5. Aegor "Bittersteel"

Born Aegor Rivers, a bastard of Aegon IV. Later legitimized by his father. His coat of Arms is described as "A red stallion with black wings snorting flame on gold". He took the Red Stallion of Bracken for his mother and added Dragon wings and flame for his father.

Quoting GRRM:

So here's Bittersteel: a winged red stallion on a golden field. Only the horse has big black dragon wings instead of the usual Pegasus-style feathered angel wings, and he's snorting fire.

enter image description here

6. Maekar Targaryen

His Coat of Arms is described as "The Targaryen three-headed red dragon on black, quartered". The four Three headed Dragons are a reference to him being fourth son of King Daeron II.

The banners of the Prince of Summerhall showed four three-headed dragons, two and two, the arms of the fourth-born son of the late King Daeron II Targaryen.
The Mystery Knight

enter image description here

7. Aerion "Brightflame"

His Coat of Arms is described as "a red three-headed dragon on black; one head orange, one yellow, one red, breathing golden flames". Bright Prince liked bright colors.

Aerion bore a three-headed dragon on his shield, but it was rendered in colors much more vivid than Valarr's; one head was orange, one yellow, one red, and the flames they breathed had the sheen of gold leaf. His surcoat was a swirl of smoke and fire woven together, and his blackened helm was surmounted by a crest of red enamel flames.
The Hedge Knight

enter image description here

8. Valarr Targaryen

His Coat of Arms is described as "Black, the red three-headed dragon of House Targaryen, with a red border". Reasoning unknown.

enter image description here

9. Daeron "the Drunken"

Semi canon AWOIAF wiki suggests that his personal arms were Red three headed dragon on Black field, contourny. Reasoning unknown.

enter image description here

Elio and Linda, co-authors of TWOIAF, have confirmed that the entries in AWOIAF wiki for Valarr and Daeron are accurate and they aren't mentioned in any books.

The source is the "Roll of Arms" for the tourney that George provided to us and Dabel Bros for "The Hedge Knight" graphic novel.

enter image description here

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There were many Targaryen's who took personal sigils and of course one whole house, that of the Blackfyres.

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I'm not sure of any others but the obvious answer is House Blackfyre:

House Blackfyre coat of arms

This house was formed by Daemon Blackfyre a legitimised bastard Aegon IV Targaryen.

Note even though the coat of arms is a three headed dragon the colours are inverted.

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