I'm sketchy about the one armed protagonist. Might have only been missing a hand. Also might have been a good/great swordsman before losing the arm. He may have been on a quest to restore his arm.

Hunt for the novel was triggered by seeing the name Tycho, who may have been a supporting character or military leader, and was possibly a construct. The term homunculus comes to mind.

I don't recall the protagonist having any supernatural powers, though there was magic present in the world.

Book might have been considered Young Adult, hard to tell now since I was reading all sorts of fiction back then. Time frame read was approximately 15-20 years ago. If it was part of a series, I only ever read this one book.

Will attempt to come up with more details over the weekend.

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Is there any chance it was The Book of Shadows, the first book of the Nightshade Chronicles?

Book Cover - The Book of Shadows

Nightshade was once the best warrior in Delgarvo. But defeat at the hands of the evil sorcerer, Avoch-Dar, has left him without his sword arm -- a warrior deeply wounded. Now Avoch-Dar has returned and intends to lay waste to Delgarvo. Only Nightshade can stop him. But what use is a one-armed hero against such powerful enchantment? Then a prophecy is revealed. Only by recovering the fabled Book of Shadows can Nightshade defeat Avoch-Dar. To do otherwise is to court certain death.

I haven't read it but some of the details match and Tycho is mentioned in one of the reviews.

It all starts when the kings champion, dalveen leandor, goes on a quest to recover the book of shadows in order to stop the evil sorceror avoch-dar. along the way he meets shani, a knife-thrower with spunk, craigo meath, a mercenary, tycho, a made being with strength and mind power and many more who aid him on his way through the perils of zenobia to recover the book. a definate must-read. Shani Rules!!

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