In the story the author asks how the Cubs are doing, has Mark watch Three's Company, and forces the Beatles upon him. Why is that?

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The author explained in an interview that some of these items are things that he personally enjoys.

Q) In THE MARTIAN, Watney has access to his crewmates digital entertainment on Mars, including TV episodes of Three’s Company, a variety of Beatles songs, and digital books including The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Any reason you chose to work those specific examples into the novel?

A) It’s a selection of things I loved when I was growing up.

Writing Tips and Advice From Andy Weir, author of THE MARTIAN

And that his love of the Cubs was an in-joke. How do you make a bad situation worse? By supporting the Cubs, that's how.

"I just thought that would be just the thing to make Mark's pathetic situation more pathetic."

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