In the opening scene of the pilot episode, the Klingon leader says that he plans to unite the 24 Great Houses. Later in her flashback, Michael’s Vulcan training includes a question of how many Klingon Great Houses there are and this is repeated.

Has this number been established in previous Star Trek media?

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    According to Memory Alpha, there are only 12 known houses. Since ST:D is a prequel, maybe there really were 24 at the time and 12 were gone by ST:TNG's time? Commented Sep 25, 2017 at 7:10

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Prior to Star Trek Discovery, no number is ever put on the Great Houses. As Remy Lebeau states in the comments, Memory Alpha has a list of Great Houses, but this is simply a compilation of all of the Great Houses mentioned on screen. At no time are the listed houses named together, nor are they ever described as a complete listing.

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