Star Trek Discovery Main character slams into a Klingon on the outside of the Klingon Space Relic/Shrine and somehow made him stab himself with his own batleth. this seems like a accidental kill more then an outright kill. So wouldn't this technically be an accident? Also didn't the Klingon Clearly Attack her first?

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    I haven't seen Discovery, but from your description, my suspicion is that it was a false flag attack to justify the war by making it look like the other side started it first. – F1Krazy Sep 25 '17 at 11:17

There's no (in-universe) evidence the Torchbearer attacked Burnham first, as her suit's flight recorder was corrupted by the radiation / dampening field.

Additionally, it is clear this particular Klingon house is already in the final stages of attempting to unite the other houses around a prophecy / call to action and will attack the Federation. The accidental / self-defense killing of the Torchbearer is not what pushed this conflict to the brink. It was going to happen anyway.

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