Kokopelli & Co. In Attack of the Smart Pies is a book, set in the world of Kokonino County. Larry Gonick was the author of the comic strip that ran in the Muse magazine by Cricket, which is set in that world - the book was written after the comic was started.

The book leaves several open ends - such as

what were Emma's parents doing in Kokonino County?

However, Kokopelli & Co. is no longer running in Muse. Is/was there another planned book set in that world?


Larry Gonick sent me a nice return email. Unfortunately, it sounds like there is not going to be another book.

Reply from Larry Gonick, excerpted in the quote below

I did have a sequel in mind, but Muse and I parted ways, and it's not gonna happen. It was going to involve a spiritual fraud, maybe Mrs. Krishnamurti's brother, approaching the doughy villain in prison and convincing him that a religious conversion would help him obtain an early release in order to get his hands on the fortune.

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