Many years ago, I read a comic/graphic novel/manga, and the main theme was about war in a fantasy world (think of Final Fantasy, maybe). I believe the war was between multiple parties (i.e. more than 2), but I only remember that one of the parties was an established colony with blonde hair and armor, and another party/tribe had darker skin and rode big birds(?).

In addition, there was a special feature that one person from each tribe had... they all had some tattoo representing some element. I cannot remember if it meant they had control over the elements, or if it had some other greater meaning.

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You may be looking for the manga adaptation of Suikoden 3. Its run went from 2002-2006 and follows the events of the game.

It does begin with a dark skinned character and I do believe he rides a griffon (its been a long time since I've read it). He has tattoo on one of his hands which represents the fire element.

I've only read part of it but I remember it being very focus on war and army stratgy.

Here's the cover of the first book: enter image description here

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