I remember only bits and pieces because I read this as a tween. What I can remember is that the girl is created from a tree I think? A tree plays some part in her creation. And she might have blonde hair and green eyes. She is accompanied on her quest by a character personifying death. She also has a man with her at times as well as a gnome/dwarf who is her guardian. I also remember the beginning of the book follows a princess who falls in love with some kind of wood nymph or elf? And it ends badly. Sorry this is so vague. I have been trying to find this book for two years and started off only remember that death was a character...hopefully someone can help me out

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This sounds exactly like Child of the Grove (1988) by Tanya Huff. It was followed by The Last Wizard (1989).

The world of Ardhan is slowly losing its magic, but one wizard remains--a master of evil bent on claiming lordship over the entire world. To stop him, the Elders send Crystal, the Child of the Grove, daughter of Power and the last-born wizard to walk the world. The final war is about to begin.

Due to the age of this book I found little in the way of descriptions, but these Elders include goddesses & nymphs. They work to halt the last (evil) wizard, and in the process of this the child of the grove (blond, green eyes) is born. One Elder, a dwarf, keeps an eye on her when she grows up as a princess in a mortal court. Once she grows up she catches the eye of the impersonation of Death.


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