I'm trying to find the title of a 70's movie where two factions work to win over one guy that knows how to set off a nuclear bomb. One faction is known as PAX. There was an underground subway system in the movie - key to getting around. Ultimately the guy set off the Nuke for the good of neither faction as I recall. Good plot.


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You're looking for Genesis II, which was a feature length pilot for a TV series.

The lead character is Dylan Hunt (not the one from Andromeda, but you can see parallels with Roddenberry's later projects), who is cast into the future.

He is awoken in a post-apocalyptic future by members of PAX, who use a subshuttle (subterranean transit system) to get around.

There is another faction, Tyranians, in conflict with PAX, and who want Hunt to reactivate a nuclear missile (knowledge of nukes was lost in the apocalypse). In the end, Hunt sabotages the missile. The movie ends with a setup of having Hunt being welcomed by the PAX, despite his actions going against their pacifist ideals


I ran a quick Google search for "movie pax nuclear" and found a possible match: Genesis II.

enter image description here

The movie has a protagonist named Dylan Hunt that goes into suspended animation and wakes up over a hundred years later. He is found by a group (PAX) whose members are descendants of NASA scientists, and are pacifists. Hunt later encounters a group of mutants called Tyranians that force him to reactivate a nuclear missile system, which he later detonates to destroy the antagonists.

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