During "The Year of Hell" (the ultimate reset-button episode), various changes in the timeline occur. This is due to Annorax' manipulation of the space-time continuum, by use of his weapon ship.

At the end of the YoH, part 2, Captain Janeway crashes Voyager into Annorax' ship and apparently erases it from existence---or at least erases the entire history of the "Year of Hell."

Annorax is shown with his wife in the final scene. He is working on temporal-incursion calculations.

This is confusing to me. His main goal throughout the episode is to restore his wife, and, through the destruction of his ship, this occurs. So, is Annorax working on calculations because the size of the Krenim Imperium (in his eyes) is substandard? This seems to be the case, as the attitude of the (same) Krenim officer is different in his dealings with Janeway. Perhaps this is caused by a sort of reservation on the part of the Krenim due to having relatively low numbers.

  • My interpretation: in the new timeline, Annorax decides that spending time with his wife is more important than restoring the former glory of the Imperium. As a result, he never develops the weapon. Doesn't really make sense, but wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. – Harry Johnston Oct 9 '17 at 0:58

The implication seems to be that the Krenim Imperium is under severe attack from its comparatively more advanced neighbours. In various timelines it's dominated by the Nihydron, the Zahl, the Mawasi and (in the EU) the Vaadwaar, the Hirogen and the Malons. In the "nearly perfect" timeline we learn that at its height, the Imperium covers several thousand light years and nearly a thousand planets before being attacked by a coalition of outside powers, prompting them to experiment with temporal weapons in wildly successful attempt to avoid them being wiped out.

In the final analysis (per the excellent Star Trek: Star Charts), we see the state of the Krenim Imperium in 2374, a shadow of its former self and able to be circumvented by the Voyager with the merest of course corrections.

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