I can't remember what the film was called.

Pertinent details that I remember:

  • Subjects trade body parts/limbs chance at substance they need to live.
  • Parts are turned into vials
  • 10+ years ago
  • Seen on Syfi or similar

There was also a scene with a room with a group of beggar like figures getting their limbs and organs taken by playing a sort of "Wheel of Fortune" game while there was a diminutive main character was not affected. One guy gets his leg removed and screams in this sort of cheesy moaning. As I recall it was the type of horror that was self deprecating and humorous, lighthearted yet vulgar.

Edit: it's quite interesting what I recalled correctly and did not.

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This is one of the early episodes of Lexx, titled "Eating Pattern" -- the big bad guy was played by Rutger Hauer. This was one of the two-hour movie productions, before Lexx changed to a one hour television series. It is available to view on YouTube, or was recently.

As noted, the wheel (strongly resembling the one in Beyond Thunder Dome) was spun, and the "contestant" might receive some of the glowing green fluid, or might have a body part removed and "cooked" into more of the fluid. All of the denizens of this particular world (which was covered with junk and trash, despite having a broadcast billboard) were infested with a kind of worm that fed on the fluid, then eventually went to rejoin the parent worm, taking their person with them.

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