Read this book about 15 years ago or so but all I can remember about it that it was on a fictional planet. Had a map in the book that was triangular or diamond shape with the top part of the diamond too far north for the map. Can't remember too much about the plot of the characters but there were 4 main gods/deities and each one controlled a corner of the island. Can't really find much googling with that info only, hoping someone might recall the book with more details.

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Could it be "Enigma: Planet of Gods" by David Crane? Published December 2011 or so, but memory can be a tricky thing.

3,500 A.D. Thanks to the revolutionary gravity wings technology, mankind was finally able to leave the confines of the Earth’s solar system and seek out earth type planets capable of supporting human life. Professor Peter Blackwood, a former soldier, planetary explorer and teacher is a citizen of a powerful interstellar Confederation. Deciding to retire from decades of working in space and confronting hostile alien environments, he seeks a well-deserved retirement on an exotic planet of New Caledonia, where he plans to settle down and start a family. But on the way to his new home a mysterious energy cloud snatches him from his hyperspace tunnel, takes control of his ship and throws him into another part of the galaxy where he is forced to land on an alien planet many light years away from home. The alien planet to Blackwood’s surprise does contain life, an intelligent human life. Saved from native predators by an enigmatic young female with godlike powers, he learns that humans on planet Enigma are all descendants of the original crews of starships forced to land on this planet by the red cloud centuries ago. And on Enigma human beings are divided into commoners and powerful overlords, humans with immense powers of creation and destruction. Blackwood’s arrival was foretold by an ancient prophecy. Forced into a dangerous sociopolitical game by a powerful alien intelligence, Blackwood has no choice but to transform himself from a scientist into a revolutionary. With millions of innocent lives at stake failure is not an option.

Source: AuthorHouse overview

It could also be The Age of the Five by Trudi Canavan. The books in the series are Priestess of the White, Last of the Wilds and Voice of the Gods.

TVTropes describes the series as follows:

The series takes place in a continent named Ithania. The Northern Ithania worships five gods collectively known as the Five, the only survivors of a war of the gods. The five gods of the Southern Ithania are claimed to be false and this leads to eventual conflict.

The Five have chosen five humans as their representatives in the world. These five people are called the White and granted extraordinary powers by the gods. Auraya, the main character, is the last of the Five to be chosen. She tries to get adjusted to her new position, starting as a diplomat. During the series she discovers her innate magic is stronger than it was thought to be and goes forth unearthing secrets that have been resting for a very long time.

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