1. It had black and white illustrations
  2. There was a story about a God Program that gets corrupted by a virus and turns into an Antichrist Program
  3. A woman who keep growing from baby to adult again and again and dies being tied to a radiator
  4. A story about raining silver combs

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I suspect this may be The Anthology of Fantasy & the Supernatural by Stephen Jones and David Sutton. The ISFDB entry is here.

I have to confess this is based on flimsy evidence. I spotted the anthology while Googling for something else. I don't own it and I cannot find a copy of it anywhere. However if I use Google Books to search for the rain of silver combs I find:

Her mother ran to the front window. Annie could see past her through the window and into the front yard. Where thousands of combs fell in a shimmering, silver toothed deluge.

This is from the Steve Rasnic Tem story Angel Combs - I have a copy in his anthology City Fishing.

If I search for radiator I find:

With a set of handcuffs sometimes used as a prop, I cuffed her to the radiator in the bedroom and made sure she was comfortable. She didn't fight it; maybe she figured it was time. I wasn't actually killing her, only allowing her to die. I guessed about six more hours would do it.

I think this is the story Daddy by Earl Goodwin - I have a copy in Shadows 7 edited by Charles L. Grant.

Finally, searching for virus does find some matches but the snippets of text shown are too ambiguous to decide if they match your memory of a virus corrupting a God program.

  • Thank you Mr. Rennie. Your Sleuthing identified a book I have been searching for, for the last 10 years. I will buy it!
    – Erochu
    Oct 23, 2017 at 4:32

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