Ecumenopolis is a Greek word that means "world city", and in science fiction represents a planet where urbanization has grown so much to cover its entire surface in an enormous megalopolis.

The most known examples are:

  • Coruscant, from Star Wars;
  • Trantor, from Asimov's Foundation series, one of the first examples;
  • Ravnica, from Magic the Gathering.

Are there other examples of this kind of planet in the science fiction or fantasy genres?

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Star Trek: First Contact briefly shows some images of an alternate timeline where the Borg have assimilated Earth, and the planet appears to be one endless borgified megalopolis.


In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, we catch a glimpse of the "Machine Planet", home to the living machines that created V'ger. It appears to completely covered with technology.

Spock flies over a rendering of the machine planet

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