Not sure if this the right place to ask, bit here goes.

I'm trying to find a comic / manga site that I'm certain begins with a j. I'm also pretty sure the logo was a stylised fox, and I've seen ads floating around for it.

The site had a model where you buy comics with tokens, and you can get the whole series or single items.

I think one of the more popular series they had was about a group of people in some sort of videogame.

I also seem to recall a series where there was a hero (possibly his"job" was being a hero) who was fighting a dragon that was merged with a young girl, it was some sort of family curse. Also in that series there was a sentient castle that he persuaded to fight for him rather than his enemies.

Either the site or the individual stories would be great.


Finally stumbled across it, the site is called Lehzin, with the comics in question being 4 Cut Hero and RPG Comic

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    Hi Lewis! It's been a while but could you maybe self-accept your answer? Keeps stuff organized :) And if you could turn it into a full-feldged answer, with quotes/pictures matching what you remembered, it would be even greater! – Jenayah Oct 12 '18 at 12:47
  • I'll sort out the rest in a bit – J Lewis Oct 12 '18 at 13:26

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