I was a big reader of the horror paperbacks from the 80's. I read so many that I can't remember specific titles. There's one in particular that I was trying to find or at least get the name of.

The only specifics I remember is that it involves a man and a woman (don't remember if they were married or a couple or what). They move to a town (possibly in the mountains?) and long story short they discover the town is all werewolves (or at least one).

Anyway, the part that really stuck with me was the epilogue where, after they burn the town down (I think)... months (or years later) they are together somewhere else and one of them yells/shrieks...the other comes running in and the first tells the other that they just read that if after killing a werewolf, if it's not buried properly (in consecrated ground)... like when you burn a town down...the werewolf will rise again as a vampire.

Its only one of two novels I read where they make that connection between werewolves and vampires.

Can someone help me out? I've googled werewolf books of the 80's. I even went to some thread somewhere where they listed and showed covers for a lot of those books but so far I cannot find anyone who knows the book I am talking about

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    Unfortunately, the bit about werewolves turning into vampires probably is not going to help much, because that's actually lore that goes back to our oldest legends of the two monsters. – FuzzyBoots Oct 29 '17 at 18:01

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