There are moments in Blade Runner 2049 where Joi (K's holographic girlfriend) seems to act in ways that help the rebellion:

Her requesting the prostitute to have sex with K allows the prostitute (who is working with the rebellion) to slip a tracker into K's pocket

But Joi is also a Wallace product and there are moments when one would suspect that Joi is an (unwilling) collaborator:

Luv is angry when she finds that Joi's holoprojector's antenna is broken off, which suggests that it cannot transmit anymore. But that would imply that it was transmitting earlier on.

So which is it?

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Both - but only unknowingly

Luv and other mishaps

Joi is a known Wallace Corp. product, Luv even mentions

I hope the product is to your satisfaction

when Joi's ringtone alerts K in the Wallace Corp. headquarters.

It is evident also, that Luv was using Joi's trackers to keep tabs on K and the progress of his mission. However, there's no evidence that Joi was aware of this happening or aiding it in any way. In fact, before the pair set off to Las Vegas, Joi mentions to K that he needs to remove the antenna and have her fully contained within the 'Emanator' (also removing her backups from the wall unit) in order to not be tracked.

I believe in this case, Joi was telling the truth as Luv displays obvious frustration as soon as the signal is lost and she checks the wall unit.

Mariette or Marionette?

Now in the case of Mariette and the 'Resistance', Joi still cannot be complicit as she shows no signs thereof. Mariette and the other 'Doxies' were told to approach K in the market by Freysa:

Go to the man in the green jacket, he's the one who killed [Sapper] Morton. Find out what he knows

Joi just happened to be listening to K and Mariette's conversation and picked up on the vibes between them. That was the reason she called in Mariette specifically for their 'date night'. It was a pure coincidence that worked out well for the Resistance.

You're such a good Joe

Look, no matter how strange this may seem, I believe that Joi truly did 'love' K. In her own way. In fact, that's what she was programmed to do. She wasn't a reconnaissance or sabotage agent, she was a purely 'pleasure' device built to give her 'owner' a sense of love, affection and loyalty. Yes, there are potentially tons of the 'Joi' programs out there, but that doesn't make her any less real; to K.

Luv was able to track Joi because she seemed like she was an accomplished hacker. She was able to walk into the LAPD, steal a corpse, kill a person and escape; then return later to kill another person. She was able to hack into whatever orbital system it was that she used to 'save' K near the orphanage in the

now do your fucking job


The part where K tragically realises that Joi is a simple AI machine designed to tell him everything he wants to hear, including his suggested name "Joe" is another impetus for him to believe that nothing in his life is real. That's what makes him do the only real thing left to do: to sacrifice himself for a 'cause'. To finally be human. In fact, he was

more human than human

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    I'd give this +2 if I could.
    – user89104
    Nov 1, 2017 at 6:01
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    I don't think it was a satellite system used to save K near the orphanage, but an in-atmosphere drone.
    – Mike Scott
    Nov 1, 2017 at 10:42
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    +1 It should also be noted for non-native speakers that "Joe" has connotations of "anybody/nobody" in (American) English, such as in the expression "he's just an average Joe". This underlines not only the fact that every Joi is programed to try to make her owner feel special, meaning that in fact no owner is special in the end but also K's "averageness" in a disconnected society despite being "special" as a replicant and blade runner; He's just your average Joe, wishing he could be a hero... Nov 1, 2017 at 15:49
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    @RoboKaren AFAIK there's no direct evidence, but what we see/hear of Joi is just a visualization of a(n albeit very sophisticated) computer program, which also takes in visual and audio input (what Joi "sees" and "hears"). Just as Siri hears everything you say and sends it to the cloud, it would be silly to assume that not everything Joi perceives is collected by Wallace Corp: I highly doubt data protection laws are very strict in the BR universe. Nov 1, 2017 at 21:57
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    @Möoz it would be extremely unlikely for anything in orbit of man-made size to be visible in daytime in hazy weather; If K saw it as a flash in the sky, it is much more plausible to be some very high-altitude drone/weather balloon-type thing. Also, there is no need for Luv to "hack" it in the typical sense, seeing as she's one of the most important people at the Wallace Corporation, and that company has been shown to have almost limitless power: She likely has unfettered access to anything she wants in the entire universe colonized by man. Nov 2, 2017 at 9:26

"I can't help falling in love with you" - Elvis Presley. That song played in the movie may both have a meaning for Deckard and a hidden meaning for K. We don't know how long the relationship K had with Joi or the back story of how there relationship started. Perhaps like what Wallace said to Deckard (paraphrasing) (True love) or mathematical precision. From my personal experience if something works don't try to change it. People (Replicants) make the same mistakes over and over again. "Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you." Elvis Presley. Can love and that same trick of control be played over and over again by corporations to the people of this future? ~ Sorry about all the speculation.

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    Welcome to Science Fiction & Fantasy! This looks like an attempt to answer the question asked of "Is Joi an (unwilling) accomplice of either Wallace or the rebellion?" However, it is quite hard to read as things stand at the moment, could you try and edit to be clearer here? It might also help if you add an explicit statement in for your answer. Lastly, we do prefer to stick to evidence/quotes in our answers but educated/informed speculation is fine too so you can remove that line as well if you want.
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