In DC Universe Rebirth #1, the payoff for Batman sitting in the Mobius Chair and asking about the true identity of the Joker was that there were three Jokers.

Three Jokers

The site I linked above has their own theory, but has this ever been officially addressed in the comics? Was the storyline just dropped?


The Three Jokers story will be explained by Geoff Johns in an upcoming story. As explained by Scott Snyder in an interview from CBR

Geoff [Johns] was great about walking us through what the plan is for upcoming ‘Three Jokers’ storyline and giving us the breathing room for what we wanted to do. Just to be clear to readers, this is not going to answer the ‘Three Jokers’ question” Snyder said. “That’s really for Geoff — he has a big story planned for that — but what it will do is show us the way that The Joker, like he did during my entire time on Batman, is always there as the Greek chorus of the book, saying to Batman, in one way or another, ‘You’re doing it wrong,’ or, ‘You’re doing it right. This is what needs to happen. This is who you are.”

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