I played this game back in the mid 90's, in America, and I'm pretty sure it was for DOS.

Things I remember:

  • You play as a knight in armor
  • You start the game in hell on this platform at the bottom of a small pit, surrounded by lava
  • You have a sword and a fireball spell
  • It's first-person
  • I think there was an orc or goblin on the cover art, and they were fighting a knight (probably the protagonist), and I think one of them had a spiked-flail-ball weapon thing
  • Graphics were closer to Duke Nukem 3D than Doom
  • Might've been a flaming skull enemy that shoots fire balls in the first room (the lava pit)

I never figured out the controls, so I didn't get far enough to be able to give more details.


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That sounds an awful lot like Witchaven or the sequel Witchaven II, both based on the Duke Nukem engine. Here's a screenshot from Witchaven II, complete with fireball and 'spiked-flail-ball weapon thing':

enter image description here

The covers don't quite match your description, but there's enough similarity that I'm proposing one of them as an answer.

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    Yes! It's the sequel! The orc I was thinking of on the cover is the second guy with the ax making the weird face. Quick find! Commented Nov 7, 2017 at 23:41

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