I remember a mini-series or failed pilot from the late-80s or early 90s.

A Jimmy Smits-type cop investigated a new addictive Virtual Reality tech that kills its users. It used a small coin-sized disk that plugged into your brain.

The bad guy’s HQ was the Los Angeles Pacific Design Center (the Big Blue Whale building). The main character's BFF was a black guy who overdosed and dragged the cop into the case.


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Sounds kind of like TekWar, the 1994 TV series based on the William Shatner novels. "Tek" is an addictive single-use chip that's a sort of cyber-drug.

Set in the year 2045, the series follows Jake Cardigan, a former police officer who lost his badge after being framed for dealing in tek (an illicit narcotic-like substance) and murdering his fellow officers on a bust.

Jake is played by Greg Evigan, though, who's not exactly a Jimmy Smits type, but Eugene Clark plays the fellow former cop who drags Jake into becoming a private investigator. Eugene Clark and Greg Evigan


It could be Strange Days. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114558/

Early 90's film, set in New Year 2000. People use "squids" (neural interface) to record and playback memories. The recording itself would be about like what you describe in size.

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