I couldn't make out what happens at the end of the much anticipated Thor-vs-Hulk fight in Thor: Ragnarok. We see that for most of the fight:

Thor and Hulk are evenly matched. Hulk starts out strong at the beginning, but Thor finds his powers of thunder / lightning and is able to hold his own.

And at the end of the fight:

Hulk makes a huge jump, seemingly to finish off Thor. The entire crowd, and the rest of the gladiators, actually seem to sympathize with Thor at this point, but wait for the inevitable and for Hulk to finish off Thor.

Then, suddenly:

Thor puts up his hand. The scene cuts out to black. We see Thor waking up in a room, which we find later is Hulk's quarters.

So what exactly happens there? One more thing:

The grandmaster promised Thor his freedom if he defeats his "champion" (Hulk). Since Thor is still on Skaar after the fight, I'm assuming he didn't defeat Hulk.

But there's a contradiction:

It's implied that all of the Hulk's previous opponents perished during their fight with Hulk. So Thor didn't technically lose either, since he's very much alive after the fight.

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    Fighting to death was never a rule. – Umbrella Corporation Nov 8 '17 at 17:39
  • Or they just lied to him about being freed. – Valorum Nov 8 '17 at 17:45
  • I assume that Hulk just kept beating on Thor until he got tired of it, which is pretty much what happened in "Hulk vs. Thor". – Omegacron Nov 8 '17 at 18:37
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    Thor yelled out "Martha!" for no reason and they became best buddies. – sudhanva Mar 19 '18 at 9:08

According to this quote from Taika Waititi:

Director Taika Waititi explained the scene to HuffPost, saying, “The last shot is Hulk coming down on Thor after he’s been electrocuted, and then it cuts to another scene.” He continued, “I like to think that the Hulk — even though we didn’t shoot this — I like to think that the Hulk told Grandmaster or the guards that he wanted to keep Thor as a pet.”

via huffpost

So I guess

he was knocked out. Which meshes with Thor being bewildered and unaware of his surroundings when he woke up in the Hulk's bedroom.

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I’m inclined to believe the Hulk was just sparring (playing) with Thor. Reason I say that is because he didn’t finish him, but instead had him transported to his quarters where Thor wakes up. Hulk clearly wants to continue playing (sparring) but Thor has his mind set on leaving.

That fight never featured Hulk getting angrier or stronger, instead it was just a sparring match. I think it has no barring on who is the stronger of the two (which I still believe to be the Hulk) But after Infinity War, who knows... it’s anyone’s guess.

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    MCU doesn't get stronger with anger, this has never been established. – Nullbreaker Mar 2 '19 at 2:26

Actually, the Grandmaster interceded when Thor had the upper hand, electrocuting Thor. I'm guessing that the Grandmaster sensed the presence of the Odin-Force in Thor and did not want to lose his Champion.

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    Corroboration for this? – JohnP Nov 21 '17 at 20:24
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    It's not the Odin force it's just simply his own power. If it we're the Odin force then Thor doesn't have much trouble fighting Hela. :) – user93884 Dec 19 '17 at 6:21

THOR WON hands down. This was very visible.

It has to be clarified that for the entire duration of the MCU, Hulk has always been at full strength while Thor barely even tapped a majority of his powers.

At the match, Hulk was going all-out with full rage and strength while Thor (WITHOUT Mjolnir and NOT utilizing the full extent of his capabilities) was just initially trying to pacify him and EVEN THEN Hulk was VISIBLY STRUGGLING. With NO Mjolnir and NO full powers, relying on his strength and agility alone, Thor had a slight upper-hand at an enraged Hulk. But then he thought I'm a god and he accessed his untapped lightning powers.

Hulk was simply overwhelmed. Given the chance, Thor could've killed Hulk if not for the Grandmaster interceding.

So to summarize, Thor technically won. The only way Hulk managed to knock him off was because the Grandmaster CHEATED.

The Grandmaster cheated

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