I am wondering how many stories are contained in Isaac Asimov's "The Complete Robot"?


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The go-to resource for such questions is Jenkins’ Spoiler-Laden Guide to Isaac Asimov. This guide has cataloged all books and all stories written by Asmiov.

In this case, the page about The Complete Robot lists all 31 stories of the volume:

Some non-human robots

  • “A Boy’s Best Friend”
  • “Sally”
  • “Someday”

Some immobile robots

  • “Point of View”
  • “Think!”
  • “True Love”

Some metallic robots

  • “Robot AL-76 Goes Astray”
  • “Victory Unintentional”
  • “Stranger In Paradise”
  • “Light Verse”
  • “Segregationist”
  • “Robbie” aka “Strange Playfellow”

Some humanoid robots

  • “Let’s Get Together”
  • “Mirror Image”
  • “The Tercentenary Incident”

Powell and Donovan

  • “First Law”
  • “Runaround”
  • “Reason”
  • “Catch That Rabbit”

Susan Calvin

  • “Liar!”
  • “Satisfaction Guaranteed”
  • “Lenny”
  • “Galley Slave”
  • “Little Lost Robot”
  • “Risk”
  • “Escape!” aka “Paradoxical Escape”
  • “Evidence”
  • “The Evitable Conflict”
  • “Feminine Intuition”

Two Climaxes

  • “-That Thou Art Mindful of Him”
  • “The Bicentennial Man”

(Flq provided The headings from a paperback-copy in English bought probably in the early 00s, ISBN 0-586-05724-2.)


According to Wikipedia,

The Complete Robot (1982) is a collection of 31 of the 37 science fiction short stories about robots by American writer Isaac Asimov, [...]

The stories not included are listed in that article as well; they are

  • "Robot Dreams" (found in the anthology of the same title)
  • "Robot Visions" (found in the anthology of the same title)
  • "Too Bad!" (found in Robot Visions)
  • "Christmas Without Rodney" (found in Robot Visions)
  • "Cal" (found in Gold)
  • "Kid Brother" (found in Gold)

As other said, 31. Plus an introduction, last word and short introduction to each of the 7 sections. See the below images of the contents page of the book for evidence:

Asimov: The Complete Robot front cover

Asimov: The Complete Robot contents page 1

Asimov: The Complete Robot contents page 2

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