Replicants in the Blade Runner universe are synthetically designed by the Tyrell Corporation (and Wallace Corporation by the time of Blade Runner 2049). However, they seem to all have unique appearances, instead of having a “template” appearance that makes them identical (which I think would be simpler to do). The sole exception is

the Nexus-7 prototype Rachael, created by the Tyrell Corporation, and the Nexus-9 facsimile of her created by the Wallace Corporation

but that appears to be an unusual circumstance to achieve a very specific end. I am interested in replicants designed for “field use”, like heavy labor on the off-world colonies or pleasure models.

So aside from the example listed above, are there any replicants with identical appearances? I am open to all Blade Runner media (films, short films, video games, novels, comics).

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    In the novel, Rachael and Priss are the same model, thus looking the same. In the movie, they are played by different actors (Sean Young and Daryl Hannah) though. This implies that in the novel, there are androids looking the same - but we can't say if that's true for the replicants in the movie, too, based on that fact. – Florian Schaetz Nov 17 '17 at 12:45
  • @FlorianSchaetz Good call. I guess I am interested in "film continuity" (of which things like the short films and probably the Westwood video game would be in line with), but knowing about the original novel and such is useful supplementary information and does answer the letter of my question. – Thunderforge Nov 17 '17 at 20:33

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