Is there any indication in Cherryh’s later books in the Alliance-Union universe where the crew of the Hellburner ended up? Hellburner takes place in 2324 C.E. and Downbelow Station almost 30 years later so there’s no guarantee they’ve even survived—but do we ever actually know for certain?

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In the afterword to the Closed Circle ebook edition of Hellburner, Cherryh states:

“Dekker, Pollard, Kady, and Aboujib went on to crew the ridership Freya, assigned to ECS 5 Norway.Norway is distinguished among all the ships in the Fleet for never having lost a rider ship. … [Keu's] India had lost two of its riderships, Ganges and Bhramaputra, by the time it fought at Pell. … Captain Villy, Villanueva, commanded the ridership Lhasa aboard the carrier Tibet and was lost in the battle of Pell.”

Note that this tally of India's riderships lost doesn't fit Bet Yeager's assessment in Rimrunners, some years after Pell, that Thule Station was facing either Ganges or Tigris; but it's possible Yeager's information was incorrect or out of date, or that she misspoke.


On C. J. Cherryh’s site, Jcrow9 posted:

In personal correspondence CJ told me that Dekker’s crew is also aboard Norway. ISTR she said that Norway’s riders are the only ones left with all-original crews.

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