This was a long time ago, so it’s not the best description of the book. I remember these two boys were friends, and one day, they find out all their teachers and parents are part of a secret organisation which has a time machine.

The father of the main one of the two boys isn’t around, as he stole a time machine and is wanted.

And I think that someone tried to stop the assassination of the archduke of Austria.

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Could it be Day of the Assassins by Johnny O'Brien, from 2009?

Per Goodreads:

Jack Christie and his best friend, Angus, find themselves at the center of a momentous event that will shape history for decades to come. Their dilemma: Should they intervene? Their problem: Can they survive? Join Jack on a dangerous chase from the dockyards of England to the rain-sodden trenches of the First World War. Will he escape the evil authorities who believe in the mysterious Vigil Imperative?

The publisher's Web site has a similar blurb, but also including:

When teenager Jack Christie stumbles upon a time machine and a secret time-travelling society his life changes forever.

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