In the Scott Lynch story "A year and a day in Old Theradane" (link) , wizard Ivovandas asks a thief Amarelle Parathis to help her destroy locus of power of her rival Jarrow. Once that is destroyed, Jarrow will be completely at her mercy. For her own reasons, Amarelle wants to find and destroy Ivovandas locus of power.

Are there enough hints in the story to make a start on identifying the locus of Ivovandas? What the locus might be? It could be anything, a street, food, magical thing.

For some reason,

I think it might be gold. Over the course of story Ivovandas swims in gold, drinks gold, gets out of picture as naked golden body before resolving in the form of a woman. Or maybe it is "The Sign of the Fallen Fire", the oldest tavern in Theradane. It would make sense that Ivovandas can hear everything that happens in her own locus of power. And that she got interested in Amarelle when dead vorpillac crashed through the ceiling of the tavern onto Amarelle's table.

Is there something that I missed? I really love the story, but this bugs me. Can it even have an answer?

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