Star Trek Vanguard is the story of an space station, situated at the very beginning of TOS. Kirk even has a few lines in the first part.

In the story Starfleet explores the awesome technique of the Shedai, a god-like species that have fallen in sleep eons ago, and are revived by Starfleet exploring their artefacts.

Why do these events (they lastly manage to understand the origin of the power of the Shedai) have apparently almost no influence on the Picard era?

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    Are you looking for an in- or out of-universe explanation? The simple answer is that Vanguard began publication in 2005, well after TNG had wrapped. – Politank-Z Nov 25 '17 at 14:17
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    Licensed fan fiction is still fan fiction. If the Shedai were created specifically by one authour for one book series, other authours may not want to 'step on his toes' in case that the series' creators have specific plans for that plot device. – Vanguard3000 Nov 25 '17 at 14:18
  • Also, according to Memory Beta, they're mentioned in the TNG novel The Buried Age. memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Buried_Age – Vanguard3000 Nov 25 '17 at 14:18

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