On the Tom Riddle page of the Harry Potter Wikia, I found that Harry Potter is listed as a distant cousin under the 'Family Members' section.

Is this true? If yes, please provide proper citations from canon.

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    Depending how "distant" you want to go, pretty much everyone is a distant cousin to everyone. – Simba Nov 28 '17 at 10:45

They're both descended from the Peverell family.

And then it came to Harry in one shining piece, the memory that had stirred at the sound of the name "Peverell": a filthy old man brandishing an ugly ring in the face of a Ministry official, and he cried aloud, "Marvolo Gaunt!"
"Sorry?" said Ron and Hermione together.
"Marvolo Gaunt! You-Know-Who's grandfather! In the Pensieve! With Dumbledore! Marvolo Gaunt said he was descended from the Peverells!"
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter 22

This is referring to the scene in chapter 10 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, where Harry and Dumbledore take a stroll down Memory Lane in the Pensieve and observe this scene with Voldemort's grandfather.

His voice shook and he could feel the color in his face, but he did not care.
"My mum told Sirius that Dumbledore borrowed the cloak! This is why! He wanted to examine it, because he thought it was the third Hallow! Ignotus Peverell is buried in Godric's Hollow...." Harry was walking blindly around the tent, feeling as though great new vistas of truth were opening all around him. "He's my ancestor! I'm descended from the third brother! It all makes sense!"
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, chapter 22

This means that they're both descended from the Peverell brothers, making them (very) distantly related.

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    Ahem; i.stack.imgur.com/ySoYc.png – Valorum Nov 27 '17 at 19:50
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    @Valorum that has got to be the most awful layout of any family tree I've seen. I'm sure it's optimized for space, but it makes it look like the Weasley's are related to Voldy. – Wayne Werner Nov 27 '17 at 21:23
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    @WayneWerner - They are, through marriage by Harry Potter and Ginevra Potter Née Weasley. – Valorum Nov 27 '17 at 21:34
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    @Valorum though I'd be amazed if the Ginny-Harry connection was the first or closest link between the Weasleys and the Gaunts. – muru Nov 28 '17 at 3:49
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    @WayneWerner After reading your comment I expect something terrible. Then I looked at the tree. I don't understand what you dislike about it. It's a tree, you follow the lines. There are no lines between Voldemort and the Weasleys. At least not if you respect the direction of the edges and don't go all around. Also there is plenty of blank space, it could be much, much denser. It's even true that people on the same horizontal have similar age, it's so nicely structured. – Nobody Nov 28 '17 at 14:09

The relevant statement is in a moderated Q&A session with J. K. Rowling from 2007 shortly after the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

From reading about the original owners of the deathly hallows, the peverell brothers, i'm wondering if harry and voldermort are distantly related voldermorts grandfather ended up with the resurrection stone ring?

Yes, Harry and Voldemort are distantly related through the Peverells.

Of course, nearly all wizarding families are related if you trace them back through the centuries. As was made clear in 'Deathly hallows', Peverell blood would run through many wizarding families.

Rowling dodged the question in a 2000 interview, but that at least shows that the Dark Lord and Harry aren't close relatives.

Is Voldemort some sort of relative of Harry's? Possibly his mother's brother?

I'm laughing...that would be a bit Star Wars, wouldn't it?

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    It's generally true in real world that historical people will either be related to most everyone today or have no living decendants at all. And everyone in the world is at most 40th cousins or something like that (the number may be lower) – JDługosz Nov 28 '17 at 1:36
  • @JDługosz: Might be slightly larger than 40, but I think you're on the right track: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… – tonysdg Nov 28 '17 at 16:46
  • I’m recalling from this video and others by the same author in his series on human ancestry. Look up genetic bucket chain. – JDługosz Nov 28 '17 at 17:13
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    Along the same lines as @JDługosz's point; a lot of people think royals and aristocrats are very inbred, because they can point to marriages of distant cousins. Really, we're all about equally inbred as that, or more so, but just don't have good enough genealogical data to know about it like aristos do. – Jon Hanna Nov 28 '17 at 23:37
  • @JonHanna I think a difference is that in a villiage, there is some new blood coming in. Disallowing breeding outside the group is the worst case. – JDługosz Nov 29 '17 at 5:44

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