I read this maybe ten years ago but am unsure if it was new (library). Similar to SS GB.

It tells a tale of underground resistance to the Germans, in particular a policeman who plays the ruthless guy with prisoners but secretly he is part of high level resistance. The police become known as the lice because they work with the Gestapo.

A married couple get separated and, unknown to each other, form spy rings, one codenamed Carpenter (I think!) and the other codenamed Night watchman.

They work undercover with American backing. I think there is a secret funeral for the policeman at the end with Churchill in attendance because to the general populace the cop's name is scum

Edit: Originally various local village people are recruited pre-invasion. Part of Churchill werewolf activities, then the enemy swarm in. Protagonist woman is in a hidden base reporting on invading troop movements, then she has to flee for her life as German detector vans track her down, she then forms a resistance group


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After some weeks of on/off searching I've finally found this book. Same day as I asked in here!

"And all the King's men" by Gordon Stevens. 1990.

This is a wartime tale set in a world where the Nazis successfully invaded Britain in the autumn of 1940.

The novel follows many characters, both real and fictional, with Winston Churchill, King George VI and American spymaster William Donovan all putting in an appearance.

However, the main characters are fictional. Jack and Fran Masters are a married couple, separated by the war, who both play important roles in the fight against the Germans.

Charles Holdaway is a police inspector, sucked into the role of collaborator

(Info shown from Goodreads)

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