I saw this movie on the Sci Fi Channel either the late '90s or early 2000s. A young man becomes a Spider-man-like hero, but is more spider than man. He becomes more monster-like and dies at the end. The final shot is of someone grabbing an action figure of him.


I think it's Earth vs. the Spider.

Either late 90's or early 2000's:

Earth vs. the Spider is a 2001 science fiction horror television film directed by Scott Ziehl.

A young man becomes a Spiderman-like hero, but is more spider than man:

Quentin Kemmer (Devon Gummersall) is a shy security guard and obsessive comic book fan who dreams of becoming a superhero like his favorite comic book character The Arachnid Avenger, and going out with his next-door neighbor Stephanie Lewis (Amelia Heinle). When his partner is killed during a botched robbery at the research laboratory where he works, Quentin is fired and he injects himself with an experimental serum derived from spiders. The next day he is wracked with a severely high fever and spends most of the day unconscious. After he recovers he discovers that he has developed increased strength.

The final shot is of someone grabbing an action figure of him:

The film ends with Quentin's friend Han, introduce a comic book collector to an action figure that resembles his friend, now a superhero named Quentin Arachnid.

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