Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo prominently sports purple hair.

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Is this her natural hair color?

Natural extensions in the answer depending on the correct answer:
Is she wholly human and humans in the Galaxy Far Far Away can have this hair color? Or is she partly human or not human? Or does she dye her hair? Or is there another hair color changing technology?

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She dyes it

The canon novel Leia, Princess of Alderaan shows teenage Holdo's frequent dying and eccentric wardrobe choices:

Amilyn Holdo wafted along, the same slightly glazed expression on her face. Her hair had been dyed pale blue with orange tips.

'Apparently Holdo goes her own way'....which was a good reminder that it shouldn't matter to Leia what this girl wore or what colors she dyed parts of herself, or that she always spoke in the same airy monotone.

- Chapter 6

Holdo's hair had been dyed the same green as her cloak, though at least only the cloak had little bells sewn all over it.

-Chapter 8

Holdo, whose hair had been dyed glittery blue...

- Chapter 32

The wikia you cite in your question has the following quote.

Holdo became disinterested with the peaceful culture of her homeworld, so she expressed herself by dyeing her hair vibrant colors, wearing vibrantly-colored clothing, and going on daring escapades.
Amilyn Holdo

It also states that she is a human female from Gatalenta so it appears she is full human.

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  • @TheLethalCarrot: How much time passes between these excerpts? Like can she change color as often as she wants without damaging her hair, which would indeed point to some hair-dying technology more advanced than we have here in the Milky Way? Commented Dec 14, 2017 at 16:32
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  • See, this confirms that she has dyed it several times, but it never says she dyes it purple. There’s a slim chance that purple is her natural hair colour. Commented Apr 5, 2018 at 9:34
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    @PaulD.Waite True though this is before the films events. Valorum's answer confirms it was dyed in the film though.
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The film's Visual Dictionary offers information about her hair colouring routine as well as confirming the reason why she dyes her hair pink.

In short, yes, she's human. She dyes her hair using something called chromomites and her frequent hair colour changes reflects her heritage, coming from a bohemian planet renowned for its poets and artists.


Holdo doesn't wear the combat khakis and camouflage kit most often spotted in Resistance bases. Instead, her dyed hair and eye-catching clothing show her fierce devotion to her homeworld of Gatalenta and its independent spirit. Gatalenta is known across the galaxy for its poetry and the tranquility and compassion of its inhabitants,


Yes. Her Hair Is Dyed.

Amilyn Holdo dyes her hair various colours according to her chart on Wookieepedia.

According to an Nerdist article:

Anyway, Holdo was different from others on her world: she wanted to express herself more and did so by regularly dyeing her hair in various bright hues, wearing bold-colored clothing, decorating her gear with glitter, and generally setting herself apart. She was quirky and often spoke in riddles. Leia called it Holdo-speak.

As far as we know she is a human from the planet Gatalenta. As for hair dying technology, none have been revealed or mentioned as of yet.

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Vice Admiral Holdo uses chromomites to dye her hair. It says so in the The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary on page 40.

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