During the scene with the slow motion space explosions, some man can be heard giving some kind of speech in the background but I didn't understand what it was and what was it about. Does anyone have any idea?


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It's part of Laibach's music lyric titled America:

We, children
We, children, are born in Sin
We are born in Sin.
That is why we must let
The Light, The light of God
into our hearts, Children
We are all Children of God,
but to the whole we are Sinners
We are Sinners
We must let the Light,
let the Love of God
the Eternal Love of God
into our hearts or we will Burn
Burn in Hell
Burn in Eternal Damnation

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The Sermon (of to me an unknown (tele)evangelist) reads as follows:

We children,

We children are born of Sin.

We are born of Sin.

That is why we must let

The Light of God, the Light of God

Into our hearts, children.

We are all Children of God,

But to the Lord we are Sinners.

We are Sinners.

We must let the Light, let the Love of God,

The Eternal Love of God into our hearts.

Or we will Burn

Burn in Hell.

Burn in Eternal Damnation.


The song - played twice during Iron Sky - that begins with the heavy bass is from the song "America" by the Slovenian industrial band Laibach. Laibach made the soundtrack for Iron Sky. The quote "We children, we children are born of sin, we are born of sin and that's why we must let the light of God, the light of God in your hearts children. We all are children of God, but no we are sinners! We are sinners, we most let the light, let the love of God, the eternal love of God into our hearts or we will burn, burn in hell, burn in eternal damnation." is part of that song. As I interpret the song, it is that, The United States in need of a mutual identity for all of their citizens to identify with, turns to fundamentalist Christianity.

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