More than 10 years ago, while traveling, I read one book in a series. I found it in a book exchange.

I think it was about humans in the far future being servants or slaves of an alien race.

The one characteristic of the this alien race is that they remember everything. They hear a story or view something and it is ingrained in their memory, there to stay for the rest of their life and can retrieve every detail at will. Since humans don't have that they are seen as inferior. I think also swords or other sharp weapons played a role.

I remember enjoying it tremendously and wanted to reread it and read the rest of the series, but unfortunately I never found it again.


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This could possibly be the Lilith's Brood trilogy (Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago) by Octavia E. Butler.

Lilith's Brood Collection

From Wikipedia:

...story begins after a terrible nuclear war that left the earth uninhabitable. Humans are all but extinct. The few survivors are plucked from the dying earth by an alien race, the Oankali. The protagonist Lilith Iyapo (a black human female) awakens 250 years after the war on a living Oankali ship. At first, she is repulsed by the alienness of her saviors/captors.

While the humans are not slaves, they are initially only brought out of suspension into contexts where they are either kept in solitude and interrogated, or where they are integrated into an Oankali family unit.

The Oankali do remember everything, even as far back as being in utero, and this is one of the improvements they extend to humans who become family with them - in the first book, the Ooloi who is attempting to bring Lilith into a familial unit refuses to allow her paper because it is a crutch. She asks for it to try and learn their language; he is contemptuous that if she would permit (via genetic manipulation) her memory to be extended she would not need paper to learn the language, she would merely start remembering everything.

Lilith later would go on to shepherd several dozen other humans through awakening and into awareness of their status as guests of an alien species. Humans being humans, they end up using edged weapons on each other and on the Oankali. In the second and third books, as humans and Oankali resettle on parts of the healing earth, the non-integrated humans bootstrap themselves up to guns, which are more commonly used on other humans than on Oankali.

  • Awesome, guys! I guess it is the Faded Sun trilogy, but other ones sound interesting as well! Commented Dec 8, 2017 at 22:16

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