I'm looking for a book of ghost stories I read as a child. The book was older when I read it, probably published in the 1960s or 1970s. It was probably between 50 and 100 pages, with occasional line art illustrations.

While it advertised itself as a book of ghost stories, and it had a table of contents with titles for the separate yarns, I remember that there was an over-arching frame story that made it necessary to read the book in order, as a short novel, to understand what was going on in some of the later stories. The frame story concerned, I believe, two teens who dug up and reburied the remains of a murdered peddler, whose ghost had appeared to them, in the opening story. After his reburial, the ghost hung around in grateful dead (not the band) fashion. Most of the later stories were then recounted by the ghost to the teens; they dealt with other spirits he had met, both before and after his own death.

The one story with an element that I remember very vividly tells of a meeting that the peddler's ghost has with another spirit, who has a noose around his neck that it says he has been wearing for decades. It seems, therefore, that this is the ghost of a hanged man. However, as his tale is told, it turns out that the man's death sentence was ultimately commuted, but that he was required by the judge to wear the noose around his neck as a reminder of his conviction and reprieve.

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