I read a lot of Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was young, back in the 1980s (the heyday of the series). Most of them had science fiction or fantasy plots, so I think it's reasonable to ask about properties of the series as a whole here.

In almost all of the books, there was no consistency regarding what might happen if different choices were made. In one of the books (from the younger readers sub-series), there was literally no way to make a wrong choice; at one point, you had to choose between two keys, and in either case, the book said that you had made the right selection. While most examples were not quite this blatant, the pattern was similar. Whether there was a traitor in the book Sabotage (book #38) depended on which choices you made early in the story.

One, however, that I remember being different was The Third Planet From Altair (book #7). This book concerned the exploration of the titular planet (from which a alien signal had been received), and it seemed to have a completely consistent back-story. You could explore different places around the planetary system, and if you followed all the paths through, you could figure out the whole story of what was going on.

I don't remember any other books in the series (and I read a great many of them) having this kind of fixed background world, in which the main character was able to explore. But were there any that I missed?

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  • It might just be me.. but I have a feeling this is getting close votes on the basis of being on the edge of being a 'List' question... That said, I remember a lot of them that had some consistent worlds/backstory -- following different paths let you see more of the story, although not always with a happy ending. The Pillars of Pentagarn is the first one that comes to mind that way. – K-H-W Dec 12 '17 at 1:30