According to this article on mental floss, there are Star Wars easter eggs in the series Firefly.

Star Wars was a big influence on Whedon. Captain Malcolm Reynolds somewhat resembles Han Solo, while Whedon used the Millennium Falcon as inspiration to create Serenity. In fact, you can spot a few spacecraft from George Lucas's magnum opus on the show.

When Inara’s shuttle docks with Serenity in the pilot episode, an Imperial Shuttle can be found flying in the background. In the episode “Shindig,” you can see a Starlight Intruder as the crew lands on the planet Persephone.

And this photo shows Han Solo in carbonite (In miniature):

enter image description here

Are there any other Star Wars references or craft appearances in the Firefly television show?

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This appears to be all the intentional references.

For the sake of completion here are all four known references.

  • Serenity was inspired by the Millenium Falcon
    This is not strictly an in-show reference, but as you mentioned in your question, Whedon did use the Millennium Falcon as inspiration for Serenity.

  • An Imperial shuttle appears in the pilot episode
    In S01E01 The Train Job you can see a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (the ship Darth Vader steps off in the second Death Star) fly overhead.

  • The Starlight Intruder in Episode 6
    As you also mentioned in your question, in S01E06 Shindig you can see the (now) Legends ship Starlight Intruder.

  • Han Solo in carbonite
    While you mention it only in that picture, it shows up several times throughout the show. Rumor has it that they snuck Carbonite-Solo into every episode. You can see a list here of all the known locations. Note it is probably lacking given that it is 7 years old at this point.

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