I'm trying to remember what novel a series of scenes came from. I don't think they played a significant role in the plot, but they were quite memorable nonetheless.

There is a restaurant or nightclub where characters eat several times. The seating booths are screened in, and there are controls that can be used to adjust the appearance of the people sitting outside; specifically, it changes what they appear to be wearing.

This comes up several times, but one instance is particularly memorable. One character is there with his mistress, who is fiddling with the controls while they talk. As she leaves, he spins the control knob, which leaves her nude (although he simulated nudity is apparently not as attractive as the real thing). Then, after she leaves, the man's estranged wife walks up, equally nude.

What was this from?

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    Almost sounds a bit like Douglas Adams (haven't read all his works) – Whacko Dec 14 '17 at 14:07

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