In the comics, Spider-Man shoots out webs from web shooters (unlike the first three movies). As they are actual devices, they must have a finite amount of webs stored in them.

Therefore, Have Spider-Man’s web shooters ever run out of webs in the comics?

(By this I mean during a fight or while swinging around the city).

This is not a duplicate of this question. That asks how much web can he produce? I want to know whether during a fight he tries to shoot a web and finds out that his web shooter has run out of webs.

P.S. If you still feel it’s a duplicate then put it as a comment and wait for a day while I see what I can do about it. Thanks!


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It looks like it happened in the March 1963 issue, "Menace to Society".

Three panels of a Spider-Man comic. One, the Chameleon, disguised as a police-man, is about to pull a fuse as Spider-Man realizes Chameleon's disguise. Two, the lights are out, but Spider-Man can still sense Chameleon. Three, Spider-Man realizes he's out of the fluid that makes his webbing.

Valorum also provided two images of other times it has happened.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1. #190:
In the middle of a crisis, Spider-Man runs out of web-fluid and cries, "Nuts!"

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1. #230:
Spider-Man checks the cartridges at his waist and realizes he used up his entire supply to web up "Juggy" that morning.


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