Funny fantasy movie Dr.Dolittle (1998)

At the zoo, two talking pigeons overhear voices of the Cop who is trying to catch the catnapper, Dr.Dolittle by running a license plate number:

Cop: Yeah, I got a plate ID on the catnapper.

Female Pigeon: Do something.

Male Pigeon: The heart of a hawk! The heart of a hawk! The heart of a hawk!


This is a reference to an earlier line where he was told that a pigeon is a pigeon and nothing more.

"You're not a robin. Or a dove or a hawk. You're a pigeon and I'm a pigeon."

Pigeons don't usually hover, they're not normally helpful and they most certainly don't (normally) do brave things unless they've got the heart of a hawk, like we might say that a human had the heart of a lion.

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