Near the end of Galaxy Quest, Nesmith activates the Omega 13 when most of the crew were shot by Sarris. Activating this causes time to reverse by 13 seconds.

Why does only Nesmith remember the events that transpired?

FYI, I understand completely that it's just a comedy. There is no ship, there is no Beryllium Sphere, no digital conveyor...

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    It's real, user35594. All of it, It's real. – Valorum Dec 19 '17 at 22:01

In what didn't make it into the final movie but is in the script, one part of the fans' competing theories is that the brain of the person who activates the Omega 13 isn't affected.


As you know I strenuously disagree with this theory, Brandon. if all molecules were rearranged, then everyone would be back in time 13 seconds rendering the device useless.



No because the brain of the person who triggers the Omega 13 is not affected, so THAT person still has his memory after the time jump. And everything is as it was, a chance to redeem a single mistake or misstep.


Thank you, Katelyn. Excellent.


(flattered, shy)

You're welcome, Brandon.

(Source linked above.)

In the final movie, Brandon explains his theory that it's a matter rearranger. Gwen wonders what the use of only 13 seconds is, and Jason replies that 13 seconds is enough to correct a single mistake. The issue of remembering or not isn't brought up. Presumably this was simplified for the purposes of pacing, leading to the minor hole you bring up.

  • Brilliant, shame they didnt spend 2 seconds adding this brief explanation. Thanks :-) – user35594 Dec 23 '17 at 14:24

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