I can't remember the name of this anime I watched when I was child.

It was a little bit old, a mecha anime probably from 90’s. In it there are 3 boys who have gigantic robots. One boy summons his robot from the sky by using a bow. One boy who has rabbit ears summons his robot from the water, and the main role boy summons his robot from the earth.

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It looks like this is Madö King Granzört.

mecha anime probably from 90’s

According to the wikipedia page, this aired in NTV from April 7, 1989 to March 2, 1990.

The hero of our story here is a boy called Daichi, who

arrives on the Moon and hears the strange stories about people with rabbit ears...

He soon learns that he is a chosen warrior who

will save the Long-Ears race and their land Rabiluna from the evil Jadou Clan. With the magic gun, Daichi can summon Granzort – the Madou King of Earth – a giant robot.

There are also two other characters who summon robots in the way you described:

two other boys – Gus and Rabi. Gus receives a magic bow that summons Winzart – the Madou King of Wind, while Rabi receives a magic top that summons Aquabeat – the Madou King of Water.

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